Approval Warehouse has no "special" source of private financing. They are a reseller, and was I was lied to before I forked over $400 to join. It's a total MLM scam that you'll might want to avoid. Save your money, and go direct with helping companies finance their customer. I was told that I would get a refund and it was "granted" last week. Now, all of my emails are being ignored (after 10 days). Google around and you will see more about the owner and other complaints. Just google Don Gillette and see what you find.

From Scam Informer:

Don Gillette and his new scam approvalwarehouse.com or myapprovalwarehouse.com just sent me an email and he wanted $400 dollars to join after his online presentation!! I'm a mortgage professional looking for full-time work and I loved the idea but the MLM presentation left a really bad taste in my mouth. After doing a little review and copying and pasting, I found an identical website from selectpayment.com and called Westwood on the selectpayment.com site. Approvalwarehouse.com is just a reseller looking to scam upfront money out of hard working professionals. Even after talking to some guy Larry he told me he is the money, obviously that is not the case after I spoke to Westwood and another company CCS. I also found another company online that offers a full 1% of all loans while these sharks are only giving out 50% of the commission while wanting me to send them $400 dollars and $40 dollars a month for a website. And if you google Don Gillette's name you might have a heart attack and I can not find Pro Vantage Group Inc anywhere at all other than some Long Island home address. Stay away folks just another scam to take your money from what looks to be a good solution.

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Because of the negative publicity they are receiving, they have changed their name to Xplocial. Beware of these guys. They're scammers.


Beware=Approval Warehouse is nothing but a SCAM!!I worked there for 6 mo.

and they scamed me outof my $$ and my time!! They turned down applications...with clients that are currently financing through Wells Fargo(but there not good enough for Approval Warehouse). Lost several of my applications(or said they did!)There was a problem with EVERY single application I sent in and they wouldnt approve them??? Very strange....The guy who hired me on had ALL the same problems!!

I think they just make their $$ off of us Account Executives and this is a TOTAL SCAM!!!I will not work for a internet based company ever again.


Approval Wharehouse is a SCAM !!!...I was almost duped, until someone advised me to check out Don Gillette before proceeding...

Do yourselves a favor...google Don Gillette and see for yourself !!!...first 4 links are all about his VARIOUS scams....STAY AWAY !!!.


You can always find something negative just about on anyone or any company.That some times is a good thing, especially with the internet, so that is why one also has to do there homework and go beyond a complaint board.

I did research the owners after having seen this complaint. Since I have been a business owner and am also going to be launching my own product, I, in no-way wanted to get involved with any company that is not ethical.

AW is a new company, only 6 months old as of last month , and there owners can indeed be researched and found. They are indeed successful and have many years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Even though I don't like what Wall Street has done to our country, that is not to say that AW is a bad co.

They no longer offer what you complained about, a good choice by the owners to drop that product line's availability.Also notice when the post was dated. Sorry that you had a bad experience, we all do at some point in our lives, that is also why sometimes these complaint boards can be a good thing. They have made there changes, the owners are real, and they would even except you back with out it costing you a cent.

I, in no way am part of management of this company but I can see how I may serve business owners and there clients while improving my own life helping others.I am actually looking forward to when my product is available to the American people.


I was excited until just now. Better do some more looking. Sounds shady. Thing that comes up for me is... Were Anthony's clients writing

Loans. Not much money if they don't. The fee?

Whatever,sometimes charging builds value. HMMMM

scary sounding though.


Thanks everyone for this info. I almost bought into this scam after responding to an ad on Craigslist.


Please read my earlier posts.I was a huge believer & supporter of AW.

I’ve signed up people and merchants. It’s a great concept, but it does NOT WORK! I spoke with the former #1 rep and I learned the truth. After enrolling 7 merchants and receiving ZERO commissions I began to question the program.

Anyone associated with this company is jeopardizing their livelihood once this scam is busted by the Feds. Larry PAYS people to say good things about the program.

“We make our $ by enrolling people not by making loans” per the company founder.I am not a “hater” or sorry *** salesperson, I am a rational hard working [person who gave approval warehouse 100% and ended up with pie in my face!


I responded to an as on Craigs List.Let me open by saying Approval Warehouse is a very interesting opportunity!

Fact is it is more a B2B marketing program, with a shade of MLM involved. The income can be OUTSTANDING but you need to show up every day and WORK! That may not be the concept (working) that everyone can accept. The leadership is sharp and can be effective especially at the top If you want a job that depends on your talent to achieve then it's for you.

If all you really want is a paycheck forget it and go to walmart. there you will make exactly what you are worth. in closing now that I am there its NOT a ponzi scheme!

Its a working plan to run your own business.If you pass on this one you may be making a BIG error in judgement and YOU and your family will suffer.


Approval Warehouse is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme.They are an MLM, that charges $397 to sign up, which gets you "NO" product, its simply a fee to sign up with Approval Warehouse.

Then, the "Agent Sign-up" fee of $397 is paid out to the recruiting upline as commissions. This is the classic definition of an illegal Ponzi Scheme.

Its only a matter of time until the regulators shut them down.Google "Ponzi Scheme definition", you will see for yourself that Approval Warehouse is set up as nothing but That, and illegal Ponzi Sheme.


Actually Aproval also pays 1% on loans AND 1/2% on your team. Get your facts right!!

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